Working Papers and Reports

CSUD Reports

Irandu, Evaristus and John Malli. “Nairobi-Thika HIghway Improvement Project: An Environmental Assessment” July 2013.

Barczewski, Ben and CSUD. “How Well Do Environmental Regulations Work in Kenya? : A Case Study of the Thika Highway Improvement Project” June 2013.

Kara and CSUD. “The Social/Community Component of the Analysis of the Thika Highway Improvement Project.” May 2012.

Working Papers

Rubbo, A., Watkins, J., Angeles, E., Mathew, M., Tangari, V., Klopp, J., Mehta, G., Sclar, E. “City Maker Survey: Preliminary Findings and Recommendations.” Working Paper. Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University. August 2019.

 Klopp J. Jackson Mutua, Dan Orwa, Peter Waiganjo, Adam White and Sarah Williams “Towards a Standard for Paratransit? lessons from Developing a GTFS Data for Nairobi’s Matatu System”.Graeff, J., “The Organization, Issues and the Future Role of the Matatu Industry in Nairobi Kenya”. Working Paper.

Klopp, J. “Policy Networks for Sustainable Transport and Land-Use in Nairobi: Opportunities for Change”. Working Paper.

Melnick, A. “Risk, Rush, and Recklessness: Traffic Accidents and Time on Kenyan Roads.”

Sclar, E.D., Touber, J., Alexander, C., “Rethinking Privatization: The Case of Urban Transportation in Nairobi, Kenya”. Working Paper prepared for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 2007.

Sclar, E.D. and Volavka-Close, N., “The Importance of “Urban” in Urban Health: A Report from the Global Urban Summit”. Working Paper.

Global Studio Reports and Films

2019: Chan, W. TED talk, Refugees as Architects of their City and Future

2019: Van den Bussche , J. , Zack, T. and Harrison , K. “Water Loss & Sewerage Leaks, Environmental & Health Crisis”.  A Sticky Situations and WASSUP Report

2013: Rubbo, A., “Towards Inclusivity in Design and Planning in India: the Role of Education,” International Conference, Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India, New Delhi.

2012: Global Studio short films and interviews with “Reimagining Inclusive Urbanization” conference speakers and studio participants.

2012: Rubbo, A., and van den Bussche J., (eds.) “Global Studio Bhopal Report  (scroll down to Report chapters)

School of International and Political Affairs (SIPA) Workshop Reports

2012: Land, Legitimacy and Governance in Revolutionary Cairo

2008: Opportunities in Waste: From Cape Town to Ruiru

2007: Building Community, Building RUJUWASCO: An Integrated Water, Sanitation and Health Strategy for the Municipality of Ruiru, Kenya

2006:  Meeting Basic Needs in a Rapidly Urbanizing Community: A Water, Sanitation, and Solid Waste Assessment in Ruiru, Kenya

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) Studio Reports

2006: Nairobi – Metropolitan Expansion in a Peri-urban Area