Stage 2: Local Project Challenge

Stage 2: Local Project Challenge

100+ education, professional and civil society Local Projects that engaged with the SDGs were received from 30+ countries. Click here:

Local Projects Timeline

Local Projects 1 

Local Projects 2: Fully Developed Projects 

The People’s Choice results will be announced at WUF 10, February 2020.

Information for Participants

Local Projects 1: Closed

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About the Local Project Challenge

The Local Project Challenge has been an opportunity to develop and share a project that is:

By participating in the Local Project Challenge, diverse groups around the world will:

Projects could be of any scale, big or small, and could be proposed by anyone. They could be a completed, current or future projects.

Rationale for the Local Project Challenge

People from all walks of life are engaged in actions towards a more sustainable, social, economic, and environmental future. Many already incorporate some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in their work- even though they might not use SDGs or New Urban Agenda language. Through the Local Project Challenge our aim is to accelerate the take-up of the SDGs and the NUA as necessary and useful planks in meeting the demands of climate change and creating a more equitable world. Our focus is primarily, but not exclusively, cities.

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