Project Resources

These resources are intended to assist Local Project Challenge participants, as well as those hoping to share knowledge and encourage debate about accelerating the SDGs.

We invite you to email (subject heading “New Resource”) with any resources you think relevant, such as news reports, articles, talks, book titles, course outline, etc. We will update project resources as they are received.


Outline of Project Resources

  1. United Nations, SDGs and climate change
  2. Recent impacts of climate events in the press: need for action
  3. Kids, climate change and law suits
  4. Design practices in this space
  5. Civil society organizations in this space
  6. Education and ‘think and do’ tanks

In addition, you might find it useful to browse the  PBBC Resource Platform.


1.United Nations, SDGs, New Urban Agenda  and climate change

Secretary General Guterres pleads for action on climate

The Sustainable Development Goals Report, 2018, United Nations

Monitoring the SDGs and the NUA Global Urban Observatory

The New  Urban Agenda 2016

UNH, Leading the Change: Delivering the NUA through urban and territorial planning, 2018

SDSN, 2018 Index and Dashboard Report: Global Responsibilities: Implementing the Goals

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Global Warming of 1.5°C, 2018

US Fourth National Climate Assessment, 2018

One New York City, 2018, Global Action: Urban Vision

World Urban Campaign


2.Recent impacts of climate events in the press: need for action

10 worst climate driven disasters of 2018 cost $85 billion

Australia where it had the highest January temperatures on record

US Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns, 2019

Moshe Safdie on designing for climate change


3.Kids and climate change

School strike for climate action, 03/12/2019

Australian students Strike4Climate

Young activists in the US

‘On March 15 the climate kids are coming’


3a. Law suits against governments for climate inaction

Urgenda, Holland, 2015-2018 success

Can Climate Litigation save the world?, 2018

Juliana v US 2015

Juliana v US 2019


4.Design practices – some support the SDGs

Architecture in Development

ARUP and the SDGs

Block by Block

Community Architects Network (CAN) Thailand

Elemental, Chile

Healthhabitat, Australia

Hollmen Reuter Sandman

Kaunitz Young Architecture, Australia

KDI Global

Openspace, Thailand

Pitch Africa/Waterbank Schools

Scape, USA

Women in Kibera: Climate Warriors, Kenya


5.Civil Society: community development, professional organization, resistance

Extinction Rebellion

Sunrise Movement


Asia Initiatives, USA and India

1 million women, Australia

Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization

Huairou Commission

Slum Dwellers International

Sticky Situations, South Africa

User Generated Cities, India

NYC and SDGs, 2018 Guangzhou Award for Urban Innovation


6.Research, education, think and do tanks

Design and the  SDGs The Oslo Manifesto

SDSN 2019 A Pathway to Sustainable US Cities: A Guide to implementing the SDGs

SDSN 2019 Index and Dashboards Report for European Cities,

TED talk 2015 How can we make the world a better place by 2030?

Rebuild by Design

Design and the Green New Deal, Places, April 2019

Digital Matatus

Global Utmaning, Sweden

Habitat Uni

UNI lecture Co-producing for  sustainable cities

UNI lecture Collaborative partnerships and affordable housing

Global Studio

Kate Orff, Translating research into action, 2015

People Building Better Cities exhibition panels

Sago Network, Australia


6a.Some critiques of the SDGs and ‘market mentalities’

How the UN’s SDGs undermine democracy,

Five  reasons to think twice about the SDGs

Henry Giroux, Where is the outrage? Critical pedagogy in dark times, 2015



May – June 2019

Provided by Arif Hasan (Can the SDGs help with the problems described?).

Karachi City and Plans

Karachi Demolition

Future of Karachi’s Saddar


Provided by Pietro Garau

SDGs and DiversCity : SDGS and public space target – a paper for the 2019 Rome Public Space Biennale .

Charter of Public Space,  Rome 2019


Provided by LPC team

CatComm/Catalytic Communities, Brazil

SDGs and targets – icons (useful for a submission)

For young people:  Student Resources

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

Luisa Bravo, Stand up for Public Space

Gehl Architects and the SDGs