Daily Nation Article on Children and Planning in Nairobi by CSUD’s Jacqueline Klopp

by | May 3, 2016
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CSUD’ Associate Research Scholar Jacqueline Klopp wrote the article “Children’s needs ignored in Nairobi’s physical planning” in one of Kenya’s biggest newspapers The Daily Nation 6 April 2016.  The article notes that child is largely invisible in Nairobi’s planning and how this should and could change.

New Book on Improving Urban Access edited by CSUD Director Elliott Sclar

by | April 21, 2016 | 1 Comment
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The new book Improving Urban Access edited by CSUD Director Elliott Sclar, with Hans Nolmark and Christian Wolmar has just been released. Improving Urban Access: New Approaches to Funding Transport Investment provides innovative ideas on how we might reorganize transport finance to ensure that it is suited to serving the social, environmental and economic principles that must guide […]

EI Fellow Jeff Paller to launch “Who really governs urban Ghana?” Accra April 21, 2016

by | April 17, 2016
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The Ghana Center for Democratic Development and Africa Research Institute invite you to  Who really governs urban Ghana? Mohammed Awal – Research and Program officer, CDD-Ghana Jeffrey Paller – Postdoctoral research fellow, Columbia University Victoria Okoye – Urban Planner and Founder, African Urbanism   Policymakers and international donors continue to prescribe better urban planning, slum upgrading, infrastructure […]

Short film “Lollipop Man” on Kenyan Road Safety shown on Kenyan TV

by | February 29, 2016
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Jacqueline M. Klopp of the Center of Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University with VREF support has teamed up with Kenyan filmmakers to produce a series of short films that reveal the difficulties children face moving around Nairobi. The first two films “The Lollipop Man” and “Traffic Monsters” are now available online and will be shown […]

Jonas Hagan co-authors White Paper on “Improving Customer Experience” in Transit

by | February 24, 2016
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CSUD PhD affiliate Jonas Hagan co-authored an important White Paper  called “Improving Customer Experience” This white paper comes out of the Transit Leadership Summit  and explores how the seven cities participating in the Summit are addressing the customer experience in Hong Kong, Montreal, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Vienna and Washington, D.C. It investigates the transit agencies’ activities and experiences with […]

Jeff Paller presents “Who really governs urban Ghana?”

by | February 8, 2016
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On 28 January 2016 EI Post Doctoral Fellow Jeffrey Paller presented a new publication called “Who really governs urban Ghana?” co-authored with Mohammed Awal. The publication was released at an event hosted by the Africa Research Institute, called “Slum politics in Accra: Understanding urban Ghana.”

How Africa can build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities

by | October 15, 2015
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CSUD’s Jacqueline Klopp and Jeffrey Paller recently wrote on “how African can build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities”.  The article can be read here in The Conversation. They argue that for African cities to be productive and inclusive places, urban politics will need to change.

Matts-Ake Belin, Vision Zero Expert- to Speak 1 October 2015

by | September 25, 2015
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The Center for Sustainable Urban Development, the Planning Students Organization, and the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention have the pleasure of inviting you to the following talk: Vision Zero: Using Data and Design to Eliminate Traffic Deaths Matts-Ake Belin, Director of the Vision Zero Academy at Trafikverket (Sweden’s transportation agency), will explain how data-driven policy and design […]

Google and Digital Matatus launch new transit feature in Nairobi

by | August 26, 2015
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Digital Matatus, a collaboration between the Center for Sustainable Urban Development, C4D lab University of Nairobi, Civic Data Design Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Groupshot, developed technology and processes to collect transit information for the semiformal minibus bus (matatu) system in Nairobi.  The team created the first GTFS transit data for semiformal bus systems. […]

CSUD releases first public opinion poll results on transportation for Nairobi

by | July 24, 2015
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The Center for Sustainable Urban Development located at Columbia University, New York City, in collaboration with the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations and the polling firm Ipsos Ltd, released in June 17, 2015, the very first public opinion poll on transportation in Nairobi. The poll revealed that safety in public transportation and on the roads is […]