CSUD’s Anna Rubbo at WUF9 KUALA LUMPUR 2018

by | February 9, 2018
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CSUD’s Anna Rubbo is at WUF9 KUALA LUMPUR 2018 and will be hosting a Networking Event, Sunday February 11, 3.00-5.00, Room 305 on

GOOD DESIGN, GOOD PLANNING: Aligning practice, communities and education in the implementation of Agenda 2030.


Representatives from professional design firms, academia and research, NGOs and the grass roots will showcase practices that support or advance the NUA and the SDGs. Drawing on experience in cities in Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa and Asia, presenters share insights on implementation strategies (tried, established, or in development) that also support a participatory approach.

Short talks – and Presenters 

Silvia Vercher Pons

Vera Tangari and Flora Fernandez.

Jennifer van den Bussche and Lerato Monama.

 Anna Rubbo.


Equal time will be given to a networking workshop activity so that everyone can share experience – from practice , education or the community. Participants will be invited to join the Urban Educators Network, a place for sharing knowledge and experience, as well as curricula innovations that can support the implementation of the SDGs and NUA.


Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University, New York, USA

Federal University, (FAU-UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

Perkins Eastman International, Architecture, Planning, Design. New York, USA and Guayaquil, Ecuador

Sticky Situations. Johannesburg, South Africa

WASSUP, Johannesburg, South Africa



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