EI Fellow Jeff Paller to launch “Who really governs urban Ghana?” Accra April 21, 2016

by | April 17, 2016
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The Ghana Center for Democratic Development and Africa Research Institute invite you to 

Who really governs urban Ghana?

Mohammed Awal – Research and Program officer, CDD-Ghana
Jeffrey Paller – Postdoctoral research fellow, Columbia University
Victoria Okoye – Urban Planner and Founder, African Urbanism


Policymakers and international donors continue to prescribe better urban planning, slum upgrading, infrastructure investment and “capacity building” to “fix” African cities. While these are necessary, the success of any urban strategy depends on an informed appraisal of the political dynamics of urban neighbourhoods that define governance in cities. In Ghana, political clientelism and the role of informal institutions are deepening alongside the strengthening of formal democratic institutions. Yet the way in which urban neighbourhoods are really governed, how “hidden” informal networks interact with formal politics, and how citizens hold their leaders to account are too often overlooked.

Panellists will aim to provide a better understanding of this reality.

9.00am to 11.30am

Thursday 21 April 2016
North Airport Residential Area, Accra
95 Nortei Ababio Loop,
Registration essential as space is limited
Please RSVP:
Ms. Alberta Adams
233 302 777 214/ 0244 350 266

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