CSUD releases first public opinion poll results on transportation for Nairobi

by | July 24, 2015
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The Center for Sustainable Urban Development located at Columbia University, New York City, in collaboration with the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations and the polling firm Ipsos Ltd, released in June 17, 2015, the very first public opinion poll on transportation in Nairobi. The poll revealed that safety in public transportation and on the roads is a key issue for Nairobi citizens and that a wide majority supports lower speed limits especially near schools. Further, over 30 % had claimed to have lost a job or business opportunity because of transportation problems. The poll also showed that a third of car owners would try cycling to get around the city if special lanes for bikes existed.

According to Jacqueline Klopp, Associate Research Scholar at the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University, it seems that so far few countries in Africa has a similar poll: for example South Africa whose poll is done annually countrywide. “I think we have established that while not perfect, the opinion poll is a very useful and cost-effective way to get information about what the broader public is thinking on transportation.”, Jacqueline says, also mentioning the clear interest of the Ministry of Transportation of Kenya for this source of information.

More analysis and the results can be found at Nairobi Planning Innovations and a video of the highlights can be found here.

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