Hagen presents at TRB on Motorcycles in Latin America

by | March 2, 2015
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On 12 January, PhD student Jonas Hagen of Columbia University and affiliate of CSUD presented a poster on a paper that he submitted to TRB 2015 with Carlosfelipe Pardo (of Despacio.org) and Johanna Burbano Valente(of the Universidad Pontifica Javeriana, Bogotá). The paper, titled “Motorcycle Adoption and Use in Latin American Cities: A Qualitative Study” uses interviews and focus groups to uncover themes related to motorcycle use in six cities: Barranquilla, Bogotá (Colombia), São Paulo, Recife (Brazil), Caracas (Venezuela), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Based on data gathered for research carried out for the CAF – Development Bank of Latin America in 2011 and 2012, the paper shows common themes emerged across the six cities, including the time advantage that motorcycles offered versus public transportation and congested auto traffic, the reasonable cost of motorcycles versus other transport modes, the culture of motorcycle use, and the vulnerability of motorcyclists to traffic injury and death.


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