Klopp Shares Story of Digital Matatus at the University of Miami

by | December 2, 2014
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MatatuMap1-150x150-1Jacqueline Klopp, associate research scholar, was invited to give a talk at the University of Miami’s Department of Geography and Regional Studies on November 19th.  Her talk, “Mapping and Mobilizing Change for Cities:  The Story of the Digital Matatus“, discussed how maps and data are powerful, multi-edged tools and how advocates for more equitable and sustainable cities can use them creatively and effectively in their mobilization for change.  The DigitalMatatus project, which gave birth to the first open database and public transit map for Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, shows how. Surmounting complex issues stemming from the quasi-formal nature of Nairobi transit (mostly a mini-bus system) and working within a strong collaborative network, DigitalMatatus has helped draw attention to the data gap in many of the world’s transit systems and the related lack of advocacy around public transit. DigitalMatatus has already spawned new apps and ways for people to navigate their city. The challenge remains in leveraging this project to support actions leading to better transit. Overall, DigitalMatatus speaks to the power of mapping and mobilizing for change in cities.

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