Digital Matatus Wins 2014 Media Architecture Biennale Award

by | December 2, 2014
Category: Awards

Digital Matatus, Jacqueline Klopp’s joint mapping project, with the University of Nairobi, the Civic Design Lab at MIT, and Groupshot, has won the 2014 Media Architecture Biennale (MAB) award for participatory architecture. Winners were announced at MAB’s World Cities Conference on November 21. Digital Matatus is the first to provide an open data base and public transit map for the quasi-formal matatu system in Nairobi.  More information about Digital Matatus can be found here and more information about the MAB awards can be found here

Winner Participatory Architecture (Kenya): digitalMatatus
Technology is transforming the way we relate to transit. Digital Matatus is a key player in the movement to make transportation in the developing world more efficient, and open. A collaborative project of the University of Nairobi, Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development, MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab, and Groupshot. Digital Matatus has developed and deployed purpose-built mobile phone apps to more efficiently collect location data of Nairobi’s buses. They have used the information gathered through this crowd sourcing method to produce standardized bus routes for the city, now assembled together and made available in a full city-wide bus map released to the public in January of 2014.

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