CSUD affiliate, Cairo from Below, announces the results of its ‘Our Urban Futures’ Idea Competition

by | February 26, 2013
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Cairo from Below is a collective of planners, policy-makers architects and urbanists with a mission of encouraging inclusive, responsible, and transparent urban planning in Cairo, Egypt. Over the past seven months the collective received 22 entries for the ‘Our urban Futures’ idea competition.  These results were announced at a symposium on 19 January 2013, where a panel of well-respected judges chose the first prize winner and runners up. The symposium was held at the Megawra architectural hub in Cairo, Egypt with over 50 people in attendance.

The winners of the competition is the ‘Nasr City Urban Valley’, while the two runners up are ‘Sustainable Transit Upgrades’ and ‘Mafto7’.  Many of the participants presented ideas in direct opposition to standard, top-down, urban planning and event organizers hope that these ideas, along with many of the others submitted, will continue to be developed.

The competition raised and addressed some very important questions about growth and governance in Cairo: How can you control and how far can you dictate? Can you affect change on the government level and people will follow? Can you affect grassroots change and will the government follow? How much do you know and how much do you need to know before you act on your knowledge? When do we move from talking to doing?

Click here to join Cairo from Below, or read about their contribution to Cairo’s urban revolution in Next City’s Forefront magazine here.

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