CSUD PhD Student Eric Goldwyn Travels to Cape Town

by | November 20, 2012
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Eric Goldwyn, PhD student at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and CSUD affiliate, will travel to Cape Town, South Africa from November 24 through December 27, 2012. Mr. Goldwyn will be working with CSUD partners at the African Centre of Excellence for Studies in Public and Non-motorised Transport (ACET) at the University of Cape Town, and his trip has been made possible through a travel/research grant provided by the newly-formed Volvo Research and Educational Foundations’ PhD Student exchange program. Mr. Goldwyn will work with ACET on investigating how Cape Town’s minbus-taxi system operates and serves its residents in an effort to understand the similarities between Cape Town and the New York City transit systems, and how these two cities can learn from one another as they plan their transit networks. Mr. Goldwyn’s dissertation examines non-traditional forms of transit, such as jitneys and unlicensed taxis in New York City.  Through his visit, CSUD also expects to develop a stronger partnership between CSUD and ACET.

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